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Ways I am not studying for IB exams

1. Final Fantasy VIII

Oh Zell, I've forgotten how much I love you.  Never stop being cool. Rock on, man, and keep sticking your face into Squall's crotch and making him uncomfortable.

Also, you + Seifer = super hot.  I ship you so hardcore that I'm suffering from overexertion.  However, you are giving me the urge to reinstall FF8 mere days before my IB exams, which I do not need.  Thank you.

2. Top Chef, Season 4

Rooting for Richard Blais all the way.  As a molecular gastronomist, he has an innovative and avant-garde approach to food that really appeals to my geeky/magpie tendencies.  I mourned the day his electric smoker died :(  It was a very, very shiny piece of equipment.

Blais shows an amazing amount of creativity in his dishes that the other chefs do not seem to understand.  Spike and especially Zoi had both expressed their dislike of Richard's creations ("I'm sorry, but wasabi and white chocolate together does not taste good") and yet he wins challenge after challenge by taking risks and shocking the judges.  Peach, sausage, and sweet tea deep-dish pizza?  Banana scallops? Grilled tofu marinated in beef fat?  It's nothing that I would cook, but wouldn't it be awesome to try those combinations?

Just as a side note, I would totally bear his children: little Blaises with faux-hawks and killer smiles.

3. Finished Star Ocean SNES.

Finally, after, what, four years?  Ratix is at level 92 while the rest are at about 68-70.  Marvel is at 64.  I totally should have dropped her for Tinek in the Ruins.

Next I am planning to get everyone to learn the originality talent so they can customize rare items into ultimate equipments.  Unfortunately, to learn the originality talent, I must have them customize very rare and difficult-to-procure weapons and items.  Such is life.

4. English Project

And trying to not cry at the ending of Il Postino again.

RE: The Rift con reports

"A Captain sandwich, with Ianto filling.  Toasted."

First thought:  YES YES YES Yes yesyesyesyesyes....somebody write that, please.  Or I might have to, but then the angst and purple prose will ruin their utter hotness, so, please, I'm begging here.  If not, then John/Ianto will do nicely.  He's a slut, he's flexible, and he can totally charm the pants off of Ianto's skinny hips, it totally works!  *hyperventilates*

Second thought: OMFG, GDL, YOU SAY THE BEST THINGS.  I cannot cannot love you more than I already do.  Honest to god, if you are any more awesome, my head and ovaries will explode simultaneously from your sheer awesomeness.

Third thought: I suddenly have a craving for Subway.  nhhh.

Apr. 22nd, 2008


Just wanted to say - watching Gareth David-Lloyd reading a sex manual aloud onstage and talking about anal sex and fisting made my week.

Mao document exam: Bring it on.  Except I may get a little incoherent when the flashbacks come, but I'm sure Bain won't mind.

(And also, I don't think I can ever make Ianto top, ever, especially after I heard the potential screams that he can make.)

To quote Adam "Remember this."

French traduction, I'll get to you soon, je promis.


Dear House MD writers:

The titles for season four two-parter:

"House's Head"  and "Wilson's Heart"

sound very, very gay.  I feel that the romantic subtext between the two just blew up in my face.  Why don't you just have them admit to being a couple on-screen?

NEVERMIND.  They already did.


Can you come write for SGA?

Love, me.


Sex Wales and Anarchy.  The Point.  Cardiff, Wales.  MC-ed by Gareth David-Lloyd.

God, I wanted to go T_T

If anybody can find mp3s of his band, Blue Gillespie, send it this way please.


Dear Pablo Neruda,

This is a cordial letter designed to welcome you to my shit-list, [in a position right above SGA promos but below the people who try to convert me to religion by using fear tactics.  (I don't care if the world ends in 2012, okay?  I'll be too busy finishing my fourth year and getting into med.)]

I have read three of your poems (they were all craptacular, congrats), and I have come to the understanding that you were not inspired so much by your experiences in life as by Columbia's finest export.

Honestly, the third poem, "A Song of Despair?"  IT MADE ME LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY.   So either your translators sucked like it was going out of style, or you have failed epically as a poet.  Right now, I'm leaning towards the latter.

You see, I've always had this thing for obsessive love.  In fact, when the health class lecturers came and said, "Jealousy and obsession are not indicators of a healthy, loving relationship," I snorted and shared stunned gasps with ikui.  You, however, have brought obsession to new, cringe-worthy levels that squick me almost as much as mpreg does.

Here's the thing: if you love someone who does not love you, you do not solve the problem by eating them (literally or metaphorically).  I felt dirty just reading that part, and, ha, believe me, I've read some real dirty stuff.  That's why the margins of the poems are filled not with insightful thoughts but with sarcastic and ridiculing comments from yours truly.

Less metaphors, more meaning!

No love,


P.S. The whole "flights accumulated" line reminded me of Aeroplan or Airmiles.  That's where the laughing-that-would-not-stop started.


Also, thought you should know that the Il Postino synopsis here makes you sound gay for Mario.  I got all exited and googled "Il Postino homosexual subtext" after I read it because I was totally convinced that Beatrice was Mario's beard.

(And, no.  Apparently, nobody sees the homosexual subtext there except for me.)


TW Fanmix: Life Less Ordinary

One day, I woke up with the urge to make a Jack/Ianto fanmix, so I figured that I might as well go all out: covers, album art, lyrics booklet - all that jazz, and this is what came to be. 

Overall, it's an (eclectic) mix of sappy, happy, sad, dark, and team songs.  But I have this thing for the beginning of Jack and Ianto's relationship, so there's also that, yes.

You might notice that all the songs here are very "North American" and "modern,"  which is probably influenced by where I live and when I was born and my picky music tastes.

Before you start though, a word of warning: Cohesion, thy place ain't here.

ETA: Please click on the graphics for a larger and clearer image; I haven't quite figured out how to insert graphics correctly yet :(


TW not so short picspam/squee post

So I was looking for screencaps today for a new Torchwood project at The Institute and started squeeing uncontrollably at the utter cuteness of Jack/Ianto, even though I kind of hate Jack and want to marry Ianto myself.  But but but LOOK.

I'd like to call this one "I AM BREATHING YOUR AIR AND PANTING INTO YOUR MOUTH BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE YOU AND BECAUSE I'M TIRED FROM PUTTING MY TONGUE IN YOUR MOUTH FOR THE PAST THREE MINUTES."  There are many other caps of that moment, but this is probably the only one that doesn't make my inner prude cringe, and it's  just <3 because there's so much in the body language.

This is a long review because I loved this episode.  I can’t think of anything wrong with it at the moment, but that just might be because I’m still in shock that Torchwood wrote an episode so fantastic with characterization so tight that my love for it is becoming visceral and practically bursting through my skin.

Maybe it is important to note that this was a Gwen episode.  I hated Gwen in the first series, but then began to tolerate and even enjoy her in this series.  This episode made me want to have her babies and declare to the world how much I love Gwen Cooper (like I’m doing now.)


Good job, Torchwood, for finally making me say “I love my show” after 20 some episodes.

Torchwood: Untitled pre 2x11 piece

Rather than the usual pre-episode speculation and discussion, I did a fic-pre-ep-spec.  Spoiler for 2x11 Adrift.



The spoilers for 2x11 can be found here.

The Most Wonderful Thing of All 2/2

Title: The Most Wonderful Thing of All 2/2

Characters: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, and Captain John Hart.

Pairings: Ianto/Jack, Ianto/Captain John Hart, implied Jack/Gwen

Rating: R to NC-17 for sexual themes, strong language, and a spot of violence

Words: 8,600

Genre: Angst, Character Study

Summary: There is only so much from Jack that Ianto can take.

Warnings: Spoilers through series one and KKBB.  Sex, swearing, violence, and partner betrayal: just like Torchwood.