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To my potty-mouth, trash talking, crotch-grabbin', locker-punchin', condescending, elitist, arrogant, but oh-so-talented cheftestant :

You were awesome, every step of the fucking way.  The whole loner act is a bit overdone, not to mention all that anger, SHEESH.  But I totally understood where you (and your frustration) came from, what with the teammates that sucked ass week after week and always getting stuck on the losing team and whatnot (even though your dishes were the best of them all).

Wish you all the best, Dale Talde.



My dream of another Richard/Dale team is dashed T_T and, in retrospect, Top Chef has really stopped being fair.  I mean, letting the winner of the QF challenge choose her teammates in the elim round?  The other guys didn't stand a chance.

Dream Team (TM) = Stephanie, Richard, Antonia.  Dear god please let them be in the final three, even though Richard won't win because the producers are going to fix it so that there will finally be a female Top Chef after 4 seasons.

Also, have I mentioned lately how awesome Richard is?  Because he totally is.  Mind-blowingly classy and gentlemanly and dorky and I loves him so much <3333

To demonstrate:

"...I believe Dale picked to be on my team, and that's just a huge compliment, just like last week when a few chefs chose rather quickly to work with me. What an honor ... That made me really want to push, so that no one on my team would go home, and prove that it's a good call to work with me .... Take one step towards me, and I'll take two towards you."


So now I have to check spoilers on Bravo every Wednesday (obsessively, literally hitting refresh every three minutes) to see if he has been eliminated in some freak judging table decision.  You know, just in case he is, because I CAN'T WATCH HIM GET ELIMINATED - IT WILL BE HEARTBREAKING AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HEAR MY SOBS IN HALIFAX.

Therefore, Richard, stop making me love you so much.  It's time consuming and tiring and stressful, and I'm not sure I can take any more of your awesomeness.  Seriously, you even make pink crocs sexy (in a dorky, "d'aww, how cute" sort of way).