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Richard Blais and his wife, Jazmin, welcomed their daughter Riley Maddox Blais on May 29, 2008.

The pictures make me go d'aww.

My absolute favorite is this one, because, ZOMG RICHARD SO CUTE.  And his faux-hawk! <33



And: the happy family =D

Another happy thing: RICHARD DIDN'T GET ELIMINATED IN FINALE PART ONE.  \o/  Instead Antonia got knifed, which is surprising because I thought Lisa would have, you know?

I suppose they're doing what they did last year, with three people in the finals serving each course at the same time for comparison.  If Top Chef remains with their tradition, that means the last three eliminated: Antonia, Spike, and Dale, would return to help the three finalists.  Thus, I still hold onto my dream of Richard + Dale TEAMWORK because they can totally take over the world together.

Here's my prediction: whoever gets Dale wins.

I'd like it if Richard won, because he's by far the most creative, stylistic, and innovative chef.  His technique is impeccable, as is his character, and considering the last two winners have been a douchebag and a arrogant ass, Richard would be a refreshing change in personality.  Also, Dale is rooting for Richard, so he can't lose...except to Stephanie.

Which brings me to: Stephanie has been a strong contender for the past few weeks.  It's clear that she can't cook under an extremely limited time, as seen by her quickfire stats, but she puts out consistently good, solid dishes that work, despite being more homey.  Also, she's a woman, and while I'm pretty sure the producers won't rig it for a woman to win, I think she stands more of a chance right now than Richard.

And Lisa, my dark horse, the villain of Season 4 and the one that "should have gone home six episodes ago," is sporting a new 'do: a really butch haircut with a lot of gel.  It looks good on her, honestly.  But unless she really prepared for the two months and memorized dessert recipes like crazy, I don't believe she would win.  Although, if the trend follows, someone with a crappy personality will win again D:



Jun. 6th, 2008 12:52 pm (UTC)
Or you know, STARING AND OGGLING A STRANGER'S BABY? Look at that first picture, the baby's head is being held against its will!!